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Year-Round Outdoor Christmas Lights for a Brighter Toronto

Year-Round Outdoor Christmas Lights for a Brighter Toronto

Creating a Cultural Identity with Light

Toronto is an Avant Garde city, that thrives on its own identity and culture. Each of the six boroughs offer their own sense of community and contribute to the overall vibe of the city. New developments are thriving, creating a unique and internationally recognized skyline full of light and colour. Among it is the CN Tower, lit up daily to showcase the latest sporting event, festival or holiday the city is celebrating. Whether driving by or walking beneath it on the street, almost all stare up in wonder at the colour and light effect. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do that to your own home, celebrating personal events and milestones with flair? And of course, to celebrate the holiday most associated with colourful lights – Christmas. Year-round outdoor Christmas lights in Toronto are made possible through professional installation companies serving the GTA like Ablaze, offering reliable and efficient LED strip lighting installations that can offer that same awe and wonder as the Toronto skyline.

LED Lighting Safer for the Holidays

A holiday tradition in most families involved untangling the string of incandescent lights, dusting off the extension ladder and sending Dad onto the roof. Setting up the Christmas lights can be a daunting and dangerous job. Emergency rooms see an increase in head, back and shoulder traumas over the holiday season as footings are slippery and family members are put in a precarious situation on the roof. Sunlight disappears earlier in the evenings and in the winter months, there is often inclement weather. Installing permanent LED strip lighting eliminates this hazard from every holiday as it is a one-time installation to enjoy for years to come. The LED lights themselves last on average between 30,000 and 50,000 hours – making it long lasting and much more efficient. And, LED lights use less power making it easier on the monthly electrical bill. Traditional incandescent Christmas bulbs were manufactured in strings of 8 or 25 and were along the same circuit. We all remember the pain of seeing the lights go out when one bulb burned out, often requiring a second trip up the ladder to correct. With year-round outdoor Christmas lights, Toronto families can sit back and enjoy the light show, not fight with it!

Low Maintenance, High Impact

With no hanging cords or wires to elaborately connect with extension cords, year-round outdoor Christmas lights eliminate any electrical hazards that can put families and homes at risk of fire damage. Permanent lighting is attached to eavestroughs of homes and is virtually invisible when not turned on. To access the lights and change colours, patterns and light intensity, simply download the smartphone app and avoid putting on winter boots and coat to trudge outside to plug in the Christmas lights.

Year-round outdoor Christmas lights are also good for Toronto restaurants, hotels, retailers and other businesses wishing to use exterior lighting. Once installed, there is very little maintenance is required. Using the smartphone app, managers can determine what colour scheme is best suited to celebrate Christmas while identifying their brand with Torontonians passing by. Often businesses will use exterior LED strip lighting to enhance their brand signage and make their buildings stand out from their competitors. Whether for home or business, year-round outdoor Christmas lights are a safer and more visually striking option to celebrate any holiday all year round!